• Laser Power Beaming Applications
  • Laser Power Beaming Applications
  • Laser Power Beaming Applications

Wireless Laser Power Beaming   /   Cell-Panel Power Beaming Receiver

MH GoPower offers the only photovoltaic receiver product line capable of delivering a wide range of power and voltage outputs. Power output levels range from tens of milliwatts to hundreds of watts, while output voltage levels are possible from 4 volts to over 30 volts (higher voltages possible by wiring VMJ PV cells in series). MHGP’s Cell-Panel is constructed by assembling four (4) MHGP Cell-Arrays together. The Cell-Panel product line operates most efficiently with wavelengths in the range of 900 nm to 1,000 nm.

Cell-Panel Power Beaming Receiver Features:

  • High efficiency Si-based MIH® VMJ PV cell
  • Cell-Panel efficiency with 975 nm laser up to 24% at 1.7 W/cm2
  • High voltage density: 30V standard 10mm x 10mm cells
  • High temperature durability (up to 120°C operation)
  • Cell and panel size customization
  • Optimal efficiency with 9xx nm lasers
  • High thermal conductivity aluminum substrate

Cell-Panel Datasheet Download

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