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Photovoltaic Breaker

PVB Series Photovoltaic Breaker 太陽能串列啟閉系統

MH GoPower (“MHGP”) offers Photovoltaic Breaker (“PVB”) System as a remote controller for the PV field. The PVB system is composed of two parts: PVB transmission module (“PVB-Tx”) and PVB receive module (“PVB-Rx”). Using powerline communication technology, PVB-Tx sends signals to PVB-Rx and remotely turn it on or off in a short time (< 1sec) and further regulate the power output of the PV strings. With PVB system, the fault current can be isolated from the inverter or DC box and prevent the arc burning. This can effectively manage the operating safety of the solar filed. The MHGP’s PVB system is rated to operate with PV string up to 1,000V output voltage and 10A output current. One PVB-Tx can control multiple PVB-Rx, and users can optimize installation according to the actual number of PV strings. To install the PVB system, you only need to use the existing solar panel power lines and no additional wiring or setup procedures needed. The PVB system can remotely control the PV string. When no signal outputs from PVB-Tx, PVB-Rx will automatically turn off the PV string output, this could keep output DC power lines at low voltage and avoid arc flash, and also provides better safety for maintenance personnel.

PVB Series Features:

  • Automatic Turn OFF
  • Quick Shutdown
  • Power Line Communication

PVB Series Advantages:

  • PV String Shutdown Reduces System Cost
  • One to Many Control Lowers Number of Transmitter Needed
  • Plug and Play

PVB Series Applications:

  • Solar field

PVB Series Datasheet Download

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