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Laser Source

Power over Fiber (PoF)   /   LSM Series Laser Source Module

MHGP’s LSM series laser systems provide customers with a simple, turn-key solution to get started with PoF. The systems include a laser source module (LSM) with a fiber patch cord to be connected to MHGP’s photovoltaic power converters (PPC). The laser source generates the laser power which is transmitted through the fiber patch cord to the PPC. MHGP’s patent pending PPC converts the laser power back to electricity.

LSM Series Laser System Features:

  • 976 nm laser source
  • Up to 20W laser power out
  • Adjustable power levels
  • FC / ST / SMA connector available
  • Fiber Patch Cord anf TEC Cooler optional
  • Standalone system and easy operation

LSM Series Product Brief Download

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LSM Series Datasheet Download

LSM-003     LSM-010     LSM-020    

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