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MIH® PoF Smart Monitoring System

Power over Fiber (PoF)   /   POF-WL240 Series Power over Fiber Smart Monitoring System

The PoF Smart Monitoring System represents a new generation of continuous monitoring systems for switchgear and other critical electrical assets, enabled by the adoption of power over fiber (PoF) technology. A laser data module (LDM) delivers laser light through a non-conductive fiber patch cord (FPC), where the transmitted laser light is converted to electricity within a sensor module to power internal sensors. The POF-WL240 series sensor modules, which can be mounted directly onto bus bars, offer continuous monitoring of bus bar temperature and humidity by taking sensor readings and then transmitting the sensor data to the LDM via the FPC. The LDM then shares the sensor data with the equipment operator’s monitoring software.

POF-WL240 Series Smart Monitoring System Features:

  • Power over Fiber (PoF) technology
  • Monitor temperature and humidity on bus bar
  • Multi-function single sensor module
  • No sensor module range limitation or alignment constraints
  • No low voltage wiring in high voltage compartment
  • Excellent noise immunity capability
  • Multiple sensor module system solutions

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POF-WL240 Series
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