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MIH® PB Demo Kit

PBDK Series   /   Power Beaming Demo Kit

MHGP’s Power Beaming Demo Kit (PBDK) aims to make power beaming (PB) more accessible to inventors and research teams. In doing so, new applications for power beaming will proliferate, as new products get to market faster, and at lower cost. With a single 10x10mm MIH® VMJ PV Cell, MHGP’s Power Beaming Demo Kit (PBDK) can deliver over 2 watts electrical output at a distance of 1.45 meters, with a laser to electricity conversion efficiency of greater than 21%.
Target applications include powering remote sensors, handheld devices, UAVs, as well as other applications requiring wireless power delivery or voltage isolation from the power source.

PB Demo Kit Features:

  • High efficiency Si-based MIH® VMJ PV cells
  • 10W 976nm laser sources system
  • FC collimator with 15mm diameter beam spot
  • Efficiency at 10W input: ~21%
  • Up to 30V volts output

PB Demo Kit Applications:

  • Remote sensors
  • Handheld devices
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Wireless remote power delivery

  • PB Demo Kit Datasheet Download

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